How Far South?

It’s impossible to live in another country and not go exploring. I have had some opportunity to tour around and see lots of Morocco, but it is a vast country with lots of corners and coastline. As an immigrant, I have to choose how to allot my travel time. I must leave the country and... Continue Reading →

Tizi n’ Tichcat

I've posted more than a few cat photos on Facebook and IG lately. When I posted some recently of a cat in my home, I got a few 911 messages. "Are you a cat person now?" "Did you get a cat???" "What the hell is happening over there?" I assure you, no, I didn't get... Continue Reading →

Todays Surprise Is….

Every day in Morocco brings a surprise of some sort. The question is not if, nor is it when. The question is “what?” Just how shocking is today’s surprise going to be. Well...... It was all about hair removal today. For women, I think it is fair to say that along with having to protect... Continue Reading →

Tarts in Morocco

In Morocco, things are a little different. In case you haven’t worked that out yet. When its comes to women here I sit up and take notice. Because I am a woman. Also because women have a tough enough go of it in western countries without adding in a culture that sometimes still operates as... Continue Reading →

Strangers Things Too

Sometimes living Marrakech can be a little like living in Harry Potter novel. You often, and by often I mean daily, have to shake your head, blink your eyes and look to a neighbour. “Dj’you see that too?” Quite honestly, with a battle cry of “expect the unexpected” I think there is nothing left that... Continue Reading →

Oh, you’re one of those now….

One of the things I have learned in Morocco is that you just don’t talk about certain things. (Which is why some of you realize there is a gapping hole in my blog). And that’s fine. I respect that. In Morocco things happen behind closed doors and are kept private. If that weren’t the case... Continue Reading →

Not Today Missy!!!

  Another day, another task. I woke up on Friday to a text from the post office (!!!!!). This is revolutionary. The message written in French announced the arrival of a package I had been tracking from Canada Post. Back in August, my friend Kate found herself in Toronto. I know - crazy. It was... Continue Reading →

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