Sweet Spot

Its June. A time of year in the life of an expat when a whole new season comes along. Its my 3rd such season. My 3rd journey from being in Morocco for 10 months of the year to being in Canada for 2. It is WAY better than Christmas. Better than anything really. Its a... Continue Reading →


I am definitely one of those people who believes in celebrating the wins in life, regardless of their size, because you have to. One must embrace the positives lest the negatives wrap themselves around you and suffocate you. Geez. That got morose pretty fast. But really, I'm here to share an update on my journey... Continue Reading →

It Sounds So Simple

I wanted to get a few things from IKEA. In Canada, when I was working from home, I would routinely leave my house, get in my car, drive for less than 7 minutes, and go to IKEA for lunch. Meatballs. Seriously. THE best. Grab a $1 soft serve fro-yo cone on the way to the... Continue Reading →

Ain’t No Sous Chef Here

I want to talk about my relationship with food prep. Not food. That’s for other bloggers. You can hire any number of people and read any number of blogs about managing your relationship with food. I am coming to terms with my own, in my own time. No, now I want to discuss food prep.... Continue Reading →

To My Dearest Brother Peter

OR Curing the Depression Here’s a thing that happened to me recently. I have been trying to “manage” the depression that had been impacting my life for the last 10 years. It started 6 months after my mother died and I have been medicated ever since. I am highly medicated and was under the impression... Continue Reading →

That’s a Stretch

Day Three in Dahkla. We had a few goals in mind but nothing crazy, which is good because things don’t have a timeline around here. It started last night at dinner. Carla had one hand on a cell phone and the other was instructing chicken to get on her plate. Somehow I knew she was... Continue Reading →

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