Summing Up Summer

So let's wrap up summer 2017. What a blast. It has to be broken into parts and each part quite frankly could have taken place in other years to represent highlights. In usual fashion though, I have to just clump it all together into one great season. First came the trip to Europe in June... Continue Reading →

First Summer Trip – complete

So that trip is a wrap. I can't believe we planned it all, booked it, executed and we had NO problems. None. Well, a minor hiccup or two here and there. MINOR. Like the time we landed at Tegel in Berlin, and walked right past the itty bitty baggage claim looking for passport control. We... Continue Reading →

Definition of Vacation

I have seen this sentiment a few times recently and it makes me smile. Because a few years ago, this was exactly my intention. "Build a life you don't need a vacation from" I found this poem recently and I love it too. A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between... Continue Reading →

Mercury Retrograde

I'm reading and hearing from others that the planets / stars are jammed up somehow. I am feeling it a lot this week. One step forward, two steps sideways. I think it started when I went to see Ouzoud Falls after a colossal rain event and they were running red. It was an odd sight,... Continue Reading →

Who Decides What’s Normal?

Deciding what is normal in any life has to be up to the individual. There is no standard to live up to or live by, whether you realize that or not. There isn't. It's all just a mixture of circumstance, means and hopefully, choice. I realize that a good number of people in this world... Continue Reading →

Dribs and Drabs

Sorry! Sorry! It's been awhile since I posted. It's been blissfully busy this month. I took a little trip to Essaouira for a weekend away. Business is picking up. Lots of my local family are around so we've been having really great visits for tea and meals. Its also that in-between time of year where... Continue Reading →

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