Oh, you’re one of those now….

One of the things I have learned in Morocco is that you just don’t talk about certain things. (Which is why some of you realize there is a gapping hole in my blog). And that’s fine. I respect that. In Morocco things happen behind closed doors and are kept private. If that weren’t the case... Continue Reading →

Not Today Missy!!!

  Another day, another task. I woke up on Friday to a text from the post office (!!!!!). This is revolutionary. The message written in French announced the arrival of a package I had been tracking from Canada Post. Back in August, my friend Kate found herself in Toronto. I know - crazy. It was... Continue Reading →

The F Word

If you're familiar with Morocco then you are aware it's been heavily influenced by the French, because there was a French protectorate in place from 1912 until independence in 1956. The result of this is still heavily evident. French is one of the three official languages (the others being Arabic and Berber). French is the... Continue Reading →

Summing Up Summer

So let's wrap up summer 2017. What a blast. It has to be broken into parts and each part quite frankly could have taken place in other years to represent highlights. In usual fashion though, I have to just clump it all together into one great season. First came the trip to Europe in June... Continue Reading →

First Summer Trip – complete

So that trip is a wrap. I can't believe we planned it all, booked it, executed and we had NO problems. None. Well, a minor hiccup or two here and there. MINOR. Like the time we landed at Tegel in Berlin, and walked right past the itty bitty baggage claim looking for passport control. We... Continue Reading →

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