Luggage Good. Baggage Bad.

I am all about the packing these days. We booked so long ago, and we have had so much time to plan, that every detail has been considered. Nothing has been left unexamined. No take along item has gone untested. I plan to write about some of the products I have chosen, including things I... Continue Reading →

Why Morocco?

Why Morocco?  Why. The. Hell. Not?????????? So, in case you are stumbling on this blog and don’t know me, that is my travel philosophy. Why not? I have travelled fairly extensively. I mean, I started young. My parents encouraged it. My teachers encouraged it. Travel is the best teacher. It opens your mind. It gives... Continue Reading →

Pitter Patter

We booked a trip to Morocco last year on July 10. That’s July 10, 2014. We leave in October of this year. Its been the LONGEST year of my life. Now it’s a mere 5 weeks away and I can’t possibly think of anything else. We have been prepping, and planning and planning and prepping... Continue Reading →

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