Tiny Burdens

This year has handed over two very tragic losses so far. And I can't help but reflect on this. These are not losses that happened TO me. Not my immediate family no. They are losses for people whom I count as immediate family. One was a tragically sudden loss of life for someone with whom... Continue Reading →

How Can It Be?

I have been in France for 6 nights and have 3 more to go. I can't wait to go home for the following reasons; - There is a complete lack of helpful information. It doesn't even occur to them to offer helpful things. Like when my AirBnb agency told me to self check in but... Continue Reading →

Why I Won’t Be Retiring to France

Ok so I travel a lot. And I have had some really wildly successful trips. Until now. Until I entered French airspace and was disgorged onto the soil of this nation. Then it went to shit. Fast. While I was in Ireland last week we had some really great conversations about a wide range of... Continue Reading →

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