The Noblest of Intentions

You know what? Its been a long and stressful high season in Marrakech. The vibes have been less than stellar. The energy is a lot like a broken banjo and I'm done living in fear of the next vibration of my phone signaling another text that will make me tear up in frustration. Also, most... Continue Reading →

What’s In A Name?

I think its about time we address my chosen moniker, Pretty Kamel. I had a little waiver happen back in January about how I would move forward with a number of projects. What comes next for me will require a brand, and that brand should be "me". While I know that intuitively, I have also... Continue Reading →

The Moon is Not in the Seventh House

Jupiter is no where near aligned with Mars. Peace does not guide the planets, and love ain't steering the stars. I haven't written a post in quite awhile and I feel bad about that. But I've been going through some things and quite frankly not vibrating on any frequency worth noting. Shitty things are happening... Continue Reading →

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