Thanks For You

What the hell is wrong with us? As a race. Ok just maybe as a privileged white female from the best country in the world who has all the choice before her and nothing, literally NO THINGS, to complain about. What the hell is wrong with me? I mean, the list could be quite lengthy:... Continue Reading →


*Expletive warning Ever since I returned from Canada in September my Internet service has been a little degraded. By that I mean, it feels like it's being choked at times. Which is fine if it was regular cable/DSL. Choking is a thing. It drains like a fast sink as soon as everyone comes home from... Continue Reading →

Things That Penetrate

I have been in a very prickly state of mind lately. I might be homesick, or maybe it’s the full moon, or perhaps it’s just January but whatever the cause, I am more likely to burst into tears or fly into a rage than I am to smile or laugh. The latter being my default... Continue Reading →

This Is Definitely My Week

In the spirit of the New Year I thought I would remember to share more bits and bobs of my daily life in Morocco. I haven't been good at sharing simple anecdotes lately, preferring instead to wait for something significant to happen and then barf it up in a long post. But it occurs to... Continue Reading →

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