Not a Rubber Stamp in Sight

So I have been hitting the Search Engine Optimization HARD this past week. Its finally slowed down just enough on the client side to have some solid days to concentrate hard and fast and stick my head into research and learning and applying. Amazing. I walked past my mailbox about 56 times and saw something... Continue Reading →

Visiting Ceuta

Alternatively titled, “Shut up and eat your ham sandwich.” Talk about a day trip. I do not recommend this for the average tourist. We took a trip to Ceuta, Amanda and I. Jen and Kate went last week to check out the little Spanish enclave about 2 hour drive outside of Tangier, in Africa. They... Continue Reading →

How’s Your Day Going?

You may have read in my last post that after way too much running around, I was denied my first application for my carte de sejour in Morocco. The lady who denied my papers was VERY clear to point out that my police background check from Canada, which was 30 days old the next day,... Continue Reading →

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