That’s a Stretch

Day Three in Dahkla. We had a few goals in mind but nothing crazy, which is good because things don’t have a timeline around here. It started last night at dinner. Carla had one hand on a cell phone and the other was instructing chicken to get on her plate. Somehow I knew she was... Continue Reading →

Wind and More Wind

Dahkla is windy. And loaded with bays. Loads of bays and wind. And some sand. And that makes it a kite surfers paradise. Which is good because there are a lot of kite surfers here so they are not disappointed. Dahkla, so far, is different from other parts of Morocco. We have yet to go... Continue Reading →

How Far South?

It’s impossible to live in another country and not go exploring. I have had some opportunity to tour around and see lots of Morocco, but it is a vast country with lots of corners and coastline. As an immigrant, I have to choose how to allot my travel time. I must leave the country and... Continue Reading →

Tizi n’ Tichcat

I've posted more than a few cat photos on Facebook and IG lately. When I posted some recently of a cat in my home, I got a few 911 messages. "Are you a cat person now?" "Did you get a cat???" "What the hell is happening over there?" I assure you, no, I didn't get... Continue Reading →

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