Mid October

My birthday's on Sunday, marking the 2nd one in Marrakech. This year I will spend the actual day basking in the glow of a decadent massage at the Four Seasons. Can't wait!  Of course this is such a bittersweet time. My beloved dad and I shared birthdays you see. He was the 15th of October... Continue Reading →

Rubber Stamp Factory. Again. 

A lot has been happening since I returned and things have taken on a new energy for me. It's nice. I feel much more settled and at home than I did the first 5 months. I didn't realize there was anxiety underlying things but there was and it's gone now. I'm settled in. I live... Continue Reading →

Its October Again

I started this little blog one year ago today to chronicle a trip to Morocco. And what a trip that turned out to be eh? (I had to add the "eh" to assure you I am still as Canadian as the Rocky Mountains and maple syrup). I am sitting in a cafe on Mohammed V,... Continue Reading →

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