Safety First

Well that was awkward. I’ve lived in this apartment for only a few short days and as with anything there were a few hiccups. First and most importantly my washing machine jammed. Inside the machine at the time were two towels. One suspect towel that was here when I moved in and one towel that... Continue Reading →

Boom, BOOM.

This is most certainly the year of the move. Easier in Canada where I can do things on my own until I can't and then I just call Ryan and he comes over with a strong back and a truck. (With two kids, an active business and a wife who is 87 weeks pregnant however, I... Continue Reading →

Back in the Saddle

Wow. What a difference a day makes. I'm back in Marrakech. I slept for 12 hrs straight through on an awesome bed. Got up and went straight to work. No rest for the wicked. The resting is over. All business now.  I am so pleased to be writing this post. Giddy in fact. Sitting in... Continue Reading →

A Long Goodbye

I didn't know what this summer in Canada was going to be all about when it started. It appeared at first to be one long waiting game with no purpose. Until that Saturday night in August around 9:30pm. It all started to came together when I heard this.... "On this useless night, with you so... Continue Reading →

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