Settle the Hell Down Ms Universe

So dear readers. You know the schtick. I believe in signs. I believe the "universe" or whichever higher being you are engaged with, puts things in your path. I believe it happens for a reason. I believe that this "universe" thing reinforces its messages with little signposts along the way. Just so you don't miss... Continue Reading →

What Is It About Here?

A funny thing is happening here. I am going to try to explain it. It's new to me. It's delicious. But it's new. So I'm navigating my way through it and I want to share it with you. Let me give a little context.  I returned from Calgary/Banff/Canmore last week after helping out a friend... Continue Reading →

Gag Order

Its 38 degrees. Celsius. So there's that. Its the first day since Wednesday that I have been out for any length of time and then I accidentally had to run two errands. One was a 20 minute walk thata'way from my home, and the other was a 20 minute walk the other thata'way from home.... Continue Reading →

Home Body

I have been keenly watching the news this week about the devastating forest fire in Fort McMurray, Alberta. I've never been to Fort Mac, but its reputation precedes it. It is a community that has been largely built over the past several years by people who work in the area. It is an oil town... Continue Reading →

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