Lovely Rita Meter Maid

I've been collecting my thoughts on this post for since I arrived and it just all came together today so here we go. In Morocco, there are very few parking meters. They do exist on some major streets but not the side streets. So on every street there is a man. I have been keenly observing... Continue Reading →

What are you trying to say?

Language is a huge deal in Morocco. If you are coming to visit as a tourist, it's sort of a dream destination because most people speak French, which is a pretty accessible language. And most people who rub up against tourists (FIGURATIVELY - settle down), speak some level of passable English. But you will not... Continue Reading →

Culture Shock

Welcome to Madrid. My first excursion out of Morocco since I arrived 3 months ago. And an interesting re-introduction to the developed world.  Uneventful flying took place, first to Casablanca and then to Madrid. Given that the flight time to Casa allowed the flight attendant to speak the "take off", "welcome" and "prepare for landing"... Continue Reading →

90 days in…

So here it is the beginning of April and I am at the 90 day mark in Morocco. On Monday. That’s 90 days. To the day. And I know that because I’m flying to Spain so that I can see the sights and speak yet another foreign language that I have very little grasp of.... Continue Reading →

Is Morocco Safe for Travel?

I wanted to entitle this post "Life Boat Drills" because that sounds fun. But there is nothing fun about safety and travel right now. So I will get straight to the point. Is it safe to travel to Morocco?  Well, is it safe to travel anywhere right now? More importantly, is it necessary to travel... Continue Reading →

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