Definitions and Direction

So I find myself needing to get focused on a project of sorts. Or at least to get organized around something. Other than building a website I mean. That of course is my top priority. (Income is always top of the list.) But I need balance and so I am going to start reading and... Continue Reading →

Remembering Well

Yesterday was March 25. The day my mother died. The 8th anniversary of her passing. And it is with full disclosure that I will tell you I completely forgot. Never crossed my mind. To be honest, I don't really even know what month it is, and I certainly don't know the day of the week,... Continue Reading →

Completely Random Thoughts

While I am certain that there are more culturally enlightening things I could be writing about as I immerse myself in this foreign place, I find myself thinking some completely unrelated (to each other) thoughts. All of these thoughts are things that I think in Morocco, because I'm here. And I know some of you... Continue Reading →

How to Get a Criminal Record Check in Morocco

There is a very little information on how to obtain a carte sejour in Morocco (residency permit) and as a matter of fact I have found only 2 websites with information. Thank you Amanda (married) and Monika (business owner) for your help. I am adding my voice and experience to this because it has honestly been crazy trying to... Continue Reading →

Another Roadside Attraction

So here it is the middle of another week in Morocco and I find myself in Chefcahouen, a gorgeous little mountain paradise south of Tanger and north of most of Morocco. I've been here before and I am certain I will be here again, In'shallah. It's just such a lovely place on earth. I am... Continue Reading →

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