Banking at the End of My Rope

So. A follow-up to a previous post about banking while in Morocco. It turns out that loyalty pays off. You have to have faith.  Before I left I was sad to learn at the branch level that CIBC, where I have been a customer since the late 70's, did not currently offer money transfers to... Continue Reading →

The Time in Between

So a few things have been happening this past week and mostly they are boring I'm sorry to say.  I have settled in and I am establishing a bit more of a routine so that my life looks normal. Or more normal than it has been lately. This means I get up in the morning,... Continue Reading →

Highway Traffic Act

This afternoon we left Rabat, the capital of Morocco and home to the King and we took the highway to Marrakech. It's a three lane each way affair. Nicely paved and in good condition. We paid around 150 dh in tolls along the way. ($21 Cdn) Aside from the tolls (sensible) it was not unlike... Continue Reading →

The Kids are Alright

The Kids are Alright Boys and girls and kids in general. I have had a few memorable encounters with these unfinished little people lately. And I have been thinking about each one ever since. When you come to Morocco, I sincerely hope that someone tells you not to give money to kids. In countries like Morocco,... Continue Reading →

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