Road to Ouarzazate

The bus trip to the south was lovely. It arrived on time. I had an assigned seat and luckily it was the right at the front of the bus. Front row seats for the entire drive. Perfect.  It was all going so well until it got dark. Without the benefit of the passing scenery and... Continue Reading →

To See or Not To See

By nature and by professional training I am a greeter. I make eye contact and smile. I have a keen sense of what is going on around me and I notice things, small details, repetition (the same person or car going by in the same day for example). I say Hello as I pass by... Continue Reading →

Strange and New

As I sit here working away this morning (at my patio desk because its currently the only table I own for working in a proper seated position), it occurs to me that many of you are interested in some of the more mundane daily challenges that I am running into. Many of you travel frequently... Continue Reading →

Horseshoes and Berbers

So I found an apartment on Wednesday! Well. An apartment was found for me. So theres that. But still. DOM I CILE. I am very excited to be establishing my life in Morocco. Its been a notable week that’s for sure.  I wish I could go on about the challenges that I have had to... Continue Reading →

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Subtitled : "Why I will wait at least another week before I try my hand at driving." One of the things I found really interesting on my first visit to Marrakech was the traffic. Well, let's back up a minute. My first introduction to Morocco was in Casablanca. Big city, business and industry and the... Continue Reading →

Me? A Fugitive from Justice?

On my third day in town I slept until noon. I am trying to adjust to the new time but not very hard. I had been on the phone the night before until quite late and then couldn't sleep so it was a later morning. And I felt awful. Really awful. I obviously missed breakfast... Continue Reading →

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