Show Me the Money

This is what is rattling around inside my head on this New Years Eve..... Money. It really is important to have access to it when you are living in a different country. I am not planning on working right away because I'm going there to figure that stuff out. But I am planning on renting... Continue Reading →

My Darling Daisy 

As my Dad would say, "you done good kid."  Daisy and I successfully found a new home for her today. And we are both thrilled.  You see, I had said that I would leave Daisy behind for "this trip", and then come get her in the summer to take her back with me once I... Continue Reading →

December 25th

I was very fortunate to have received a last minute invitation to join my niece and nephew, sister and b-i-l for dinner at my nieces home followed by the Christmas eve service at Central - our family church. Its a much loved and long lost tradition from my youth. Every Christmas eve we would visit... Continue Reading →

Jedi Mind Tricks

Seriously. I hope its the pressure of Christmas. And the impending full moon. And the fact that its creepy warm this late in the year.....or ok its just nerves. I have hit FULL PANIC mode. I'm moving to freaking AFRICA. Who the hell thought that was a good idea? What kind of freak am I?... Continue Reading →

Its All Just Circumstantial 

Another question asked recently was "at what point did you know that you would move to Morocco? Did it happen slowly or all at once? You've traveled to a lot of places, why was this different?" It happened slowly over time and all at once. It actually first really occurred to me in Chefchaouen. Day... Continue Reading →

The Cheese Stands Alone

It has become clear to me. People look at me with mouths agape when we discuss my plans. They want to know the thing, the intangible and illusive thing that I have that they don't. What is driving me to make this happen? How can I possibly be able to make this decision, execute it... Continue Reading →

The Theory of Relativity

Subtitled : why I won't miss you. I've been thinking a LOT about missing people lately. For a whole bunch of reasons. I've been thinking about it relative to each one of my close friends, and each case is different. Which makes me think that you don't simply miss people because they have gone away.... Continue Reading →

Letting go of the Stuff

I'm sitting here bored to tears counting the days. My mind is a wasteland and I couldn't think of nothing to write about, so I reached out to a friend who always has great questions. Now I have things to write about. I will address these questions over the next few days.  The first question... Continue Reading →

The Devil

I get a lot of questions about my adventure and I realized that I have been less than forthcoming for those of you who are following along on the blog. So here are some of the details that will help put some structure around my plans, leaving me perhaps a little less crazed in your... Continue Reading →

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