The Illusion of Time 

January 12th in the early morning. Wheels up. I have barely left my house since I got home and made the decision to move. I really have been fortunate in being able to avoid the glare of this holiday season I dislike so much. I have not been working because that needed to end in... Continue Reading →

A Question of Authenticity

A definition of authenticity that I really like is this: "having the origin supported by unquestionable evidence." I may be making things happen in my life, but it was my parents who made it possible. That is a fact for which I feel unspeakable gratitude. As I have been working towards my most immediate goal... Continue Reading →

Zoom In, Zoom Out

This whole process of packing and moving is familiar. I have moved more than 45 times since I left my parents home to go to  university. Counting buying as one transaction and selling as another, this will be my 15th real estate transaction covering 8 properties. So the whole idea of getting boxes and doing... Continue Reading →

Safety is a Relative Term

Please understand that this blog is my opinion. It is based on the perspective I have gained by asking questions, getting to know people, observing, and asking more questions. And then asking new questions. And listening to the answers. Because the biggest problem I have experienced lately is a simple lack of knowledge. It is... Continue Reading →

The Abyss

My flight is booked. I have a deadline date. Of course I need to sell my house. This is not a minor detail on 2 levels: first, I need to prepare my house for sale which means window cleaning, soffitt cleaners, people moving stuff out, people buying stuff and coming to see it, me playing... Continue Reading →

A Tear in the Space Time Continuum

Here is what I have learned in the last two days about making a stupid ass, out loud statement of grandiose grandiosity and then having to actually execute on that plan...... Holy Shit. When I said "buckle up" awhile back, I didn't realize I would need shoulder straps too. Here's the thing about life changing... Continue Reading →

Scrambled Eggs

I called this post scrambled eggs because it seems like that is all I can manage to eat lately. There is just no time. The number of people who have reached out to me in the last week or so to offer support and to cheer me on is truly humbling. I have not heard... Continue Reading →


I said ID I OMs. Not idiots. Although that is my favorite word. Idiot. There is something so satisfying about saying idiot. I love it. Whoa off topic. For those readers for whom English is not your first language, (I do have readers from Australia after all), (Hi Sue), an idiom is an expression that... Continue Reading →

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