A Question of Authenticity

A definition of authenticity that I really like is this: "having the origin supported by unquestionable evidence." I may be making things happen in my life, but it was my parents who made it possible. That is a fact for which I feel unspeakable gratitude. As I have been working towards my most immediate goal … Continue reading A Question of Authenticity

Safety is a Relative Term

Please understand that this blog is my opinion. It is based on the perspective I have gained by asking questions, getting to know people, observing, and asking more questions. And then asking new questions. And listening to the answers. Because the biggest problem I have experienced lately is a simple lack of knowledge. It is … Continue reading Safety is a Relative Term

A Tear in the Space Time Continuum

Here is what I have learned in the last two days about making a stupid ass, out loud statement of grandiose grandiosity and then having to actually execute on that plan...... Holy Shit. When I said "buckle up" awhile back, I didn't realize I would need shoulder straps too. Here's the thing about life changing … Continue reading A Tear in the Space Time Continuum