Our Hot Mess of a Day in Tanger

After our bus ride from Chefchaouen, the most beautiful place on earth (Well, northern Morocco at minimum), we landed right smack in the middle of Tanger. Northern most port city in Morocco. Big and city like, not a lot of charm to redeem it. We got to the restaurant on the beach strip and left our bags to be off spending the day walking around this odd port city.

Here are the hightlights : lunch appears. meh. Ate a bite or two. We all used the bathrooms three or four times.

Left the restaurant to wonder the city. Our only goals was to find a Pharmcie and load up on Immodium before the train left. Well damn it,  all the Pharmacies were closed because it was New Years Day 1427 Islamic calendar. So nobody gets Immodium. And I’m telling you no one didn’t need Immodium. Except Kerry Kangaroo. Or course.

People walked and saw stuff, we filled in time, and we sat. Now let’s keep in mind someone had the bright ass idea to just stay up all night in Chefchaeuon and enjoy the show. And quite a show it was. So by the time we were spending the day in this hot boring city, it was all about just making time pass so we could have another meal and leave at 9 to go and board the train to Marrakech…

More on that.

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