All That Remains

So I've been home for 24 hours. It turns out the only two things I really missed were my dog and my hair straightener. Its amazing what a 30 second encounter with a hair straightener can do to a girl. I guess thats the western woman in me. I lived without for a month. In... Continue Reading →

Ups and Downs

It was brought up to me in Chefchaouen initially, and I have since noticed that the idea of lifes ups and downs is a cultural theme in Morocco. Even in the carpet that I bought, (though I had absolutely no intention of buying a carpet), there is a representation of the ups and downs we... Continue Reading →

He Said, She Said

So I have mentioned before how lovely I find Berber men. The sweetest people on the planet. I was never around Berber men during this whole trip when I didn't feel protected, cared for, looked out for, looked after. Secure. Well, there were some creepy ones along the way for sure, but I am generalizing.... Continue Reading →

A Berber By Any Other Name

One thing I have learned about Berber culture is that everything has a significance. Every single thing. Nothing is left to chance. I am wearing a pendant that represents the Z from the ancient Berber alphabet called Tifinagh. It represents a free man. (Earlier today while walking through the Medina in Marrakech we took a wrong... Continue Reading →

Sugar and Bread – The Fundamentals 

We went to a Monday market I think I mentioned earlier. Just near the High Atlas Mountains in the Ourika valley which was heavily damaged by a flash flood years ago and never repaired.  There were goats and blacksmiths and donkeys and vegetables and all manner of Berber trading going on. Mustapha found a cone... Continue Reading →

My Camel was a Horses Ass

One of the big highlights of our trip was the journey into the Sahara for an overnight stay at a camp. We had little idea of what we were getting into but there were all sorts of expectations, both big and small. We started the day from Zagora, a southern oasis. If not the date... Continue Reading →

Can Someone Please Bring Me a Camel

Morocco is 80% Berber and 20% Arab but the Berbers are considered 2nd class citizens. The Berber way of life is truly remarkable. I have mentioned in other posts that these people are awesome. Humble to a fault, they believe in community. If you need help in public, in anyway, a Berber will go out... Continue Reading →

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